Children are our future and proper education plays a vital role in their growth. Pearlbay believes in providing quality primary education for every child and a safe environment to enjoy the beauty of life. Pearlbay allocates a portion of our revenue to provide access to quality primary education for children in need and advocate for child protection and welfare.

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We envision a future where all children have access to quality primary education regardless of their background.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” -Margaret Mead

Education is the only thing that can improve the lives of others and lead our community and the world to a better tomorrow. Educate a Child in Sri Lanka is fully funded by Pearlbay. We partner with local and international contributors to help us directly with projects based on sharing knowledge and increasing awareness.

Made possible by you!

Friendships are born in a million different ways, and all good friends strive to each Every time a purchase is made through Pearlbay, a portion of the total revenue is allocated to ‘Educate a Child in Sri Lanka’ and other projects. Our amazing clients and customers contribute to a better world with every product and service purchased with Pearlbay. We are proud to give back to our community and those that need it. I have the same goal: to be a source of love and support. At Pearlbay, this is what we do. Be a good friend, a source of love and support, and we mean it.

“Children are our future. Make them safe if you want your future to be safe.”

Chathura Masinha